Customer Success Story

In the case study below you can learn more about one of our customer projects. What were the challenges? What goals and demands does the customer have? Which solution was developed and implemented by MTRIX together with the customer?

BMW Group

MTRIX has been successfully supporting the BMW Group with their authentication project since 2017. MTRIX's services include proof of concept, consulting, license management as well as IT and project management support. In addition, we have developed a registration portal specifically tailored to BMW's needs and requirements, which will help users to register their authenticators in a simple and secure way. For information and background information on our customer project with BMW, see the recording of the customer presentations.

Strong authentication for the agile enterprise
customer lecture

The key to success for multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the flexibility when it comes to selecting factors or authenticators to meet user experience, cost, and security expectations. In an agile world, enterprise MFA solutions also need to be dynamic in terms of use cases and integrations. In this session, BMW will talk about its specific goals, objectives, and accomplishments. 

A Journey in MFA at the BMW Group
customer lecture

At the Micro Focus Virtual Universe 2021, Dennis Robare, Cyber ​​Security Engineer at BMW (US), spoke again about our joint project on strong authentication. Watch the presentation and get an insight into this exciting customer project.

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