Multi-Factor Authentication Done Right:

A Roundtable Discussion with MTRIX and OpenText

Most likely, your current MFA solution doesn't solve your business requirements....

Proudly partnered with Climb Channel Solutions.

Roundtable Speakers:

Dennis Robare
President/CEO - MTRIX America Inc.

Dennis is well-rounded IT professional with nearly 20 years of experience in various roles, including software development, system administration and engineering. He has spent the last eight years in the authentication realm specializing in MFA for large enterprises such as BMW.

Malte Kahrs
Founder & CEO - MTRIX GmbH

Malte founded MTRIX in 2006. He has built MTRIX to provide comprehensive consulting and assistance to customers, with a focus on Multi-Factor Authentication. Today, MTRIX is the leading expert for authentication in Germany.

Kent Purdy
Product Manager - Open Text

With 25 years experience with data center products and technologies, twenty of them centric on how organizations leverage identity and access technologies, Kent's current focus is cultivating discussion around NetIQ solutions leveraging identity to secure productivity and consumer engagement.