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MTRIX is CyberRes' Partner of the Year (2022)

CyberRes, a division of Micro Focus, has officially recognized MTRIX as Partner of the Year.

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MTRIX expands to the USA

MTRIX, a leading multi-vendor expert in professional authentication, is expanding its presence in the U.S. market with the formation of MTRIX America Inc. to better serve its growing number of U.S. customers. CEO of MTRIX America Inc is IT Security Expert Dennis Robare. Robare has 18 years experience with 8 years of multi-factor authentication. He was most recently active as sub-product owner “Strong Authentication” at BMW.

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About MTRIX America Inc.

MTRIX America Inc. is a specialist in strong authentication and supports companies in the selection, implementation and operation of multi-factor authentication solutions. Founded in 2022, MTRIX is an sister company to MTRIX GmbH.

About MTRIX GmbH

Founded in 2006, MTRIX has built up an extensive portfolio over the past few years and today represents various market leaders in the industry. From the company headquarters in Lüneburg, MTRIX operates primarily in the German-speaking countries DA-CH.

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CEO / President

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