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With the Micro Focus solutions in our portfolio you can master all authentication challenges. The solutions are optimally coordinated and allow you flexible and user-friendly identity and access management.

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MTRIX America is a Gold Partner

We have been a certified "Gold Partner" for the "Security" solution area since 2022.
Benefit from our many years of expertise with Micro Focus security products.

About Micro Focus

Micro Focus is a global software company with 40 years of experience providing and supporting enterprise software solutions that enable customers to innovate faster and with less risk. Our portfolio enables our 20,000 customers to build, operate and secure "Build, Operate and Secure" applications and IT systems that are up to the ever-changing challenges. We are a global software company dedicated to helping customers make the most of the latest technologies and grow the value of their IT investments. Everything we do is based on one simple idea: the quickest way to capitalize on investments in new technology is to incorporate the fundamentals you already have. In other words, it's about creating a bridge between old and new. Whether cloud, mobile devices, data center or the Internet of Things, our innovative solutions use new business models, seize market opportunities and ensure competitive advantages. More than 4,000 Micro Focus employees in over 90 locations worldwide offer 40 years of experience in software development, sales and support.

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