About Us

MTRIX is one of the leading experts for professional authentication solutions. We have carefully and synergistically coordinated our product portfolio. This means we can offer you a cross-manufacturer solution tailored to your IT infrastructure, tailored to your ideas and requirements, from a range of different concepts. Our services range from consulting services, planning a proof of concept, support during implementation to various cooperation opportunities. We will also remain your long-term companion for maintenance and support services. The constantly growing demand for authentication solutions is industry-independent and therefore includes group-managed companies as well as SMEs, public administration, savings banks and banks, clinics, automotive suppliers, insurance companies, educational institutions, system houses and system integrators, and much more. to a wide range of customers.

"MTRIX America Inc. was founded in 2022 as a sister company to MTRIX GmbH and is well poised to bring years of technical expertise and experience to the Americas region." - Dennis Robare, CEO/President