MTRIX Custom Software

Product information "Custom Enrollment Portal (CEP)"

Add-On for Advanced Authentication from Micro Focus 

The Custom Enrollment Portal (CEP) is a portal you can customize for enrolling two-factor authenticators provided by your organization. An intuitive wizard guides users through the process of enrolling all the authenticators they are authorized to use.

The portal can be customized to match your corporate identity as well as your unique authenticator enrollment processes. For example, you can require all users to enroll at least one PIN and one HOTP authenticator. Users will always be prompted to enroll these methods when they log in to the CEP if they are not already enrolled.

User-friendly registration portal

MTRIX Custom Enrollment Portal is a fully customizable enrollment portal designed to work with the NetIQ Advanced Authentication platform with 120+ customizable parameters and support for 20+ languages. The custom enrollment portal is a robust add-on to any NetIQ Advanced Authentication installation. It is deployed via a simple Docker command and can be run on any existing virtual appliance in your Advanced Authentication infrastructure. It facilitates the registration of authenticators in NetIQ Advanced Authentication. The Custom Enrollment Portal (CEP) is a portal that you as a customer can customize for the two-factor authenticators planned in your company.