How does the YubiKey work?

The YubiKey is a compact security token you can use to register for any number of websites and services. It offers supplemental protection of your accounts in addition to your password. It allows you to authenticate securely and easily with just a single touch.

What can I use YubiKey for?

Here is a preliminary list of some of the services you can use the YubiKey for – and the list is growing

Password managers

You can use a password manager to manage various longer and more secure passwords for each individual website or service. In addition, the user does not need to input all log-in data for each log-in. Therefore, password managers should have an additional security level for log-in to ensure that no one else can access your list of passwords. It is easy to use a YubiKey to protect your user name and password log-in with an additional second factor.

Internet services

The rising number of password thefts illustrates the catastrophic situation and shows how quickly online identity thefts can happen. 

Two-factor authentication with the YubiKey is possible for many other internet services. The YubiTOTP is used for this; it is a time-based, one-time password (generated on your desktop or with an Android cell phone). Experienced users can also use the YubiTOTP app. You will find more information and a link to a free download (page 3) in the YubiTOTP app manual.

Computer log-in

Secure your accounts with the YubiKey – regardless of which operating system is installed:

  • Windows 
  • Mac OS X 
  • Linux

Hard drive encryption

Do you want to encrypt the data on your hard drive? Are you already using hard drive encryption software but want to protect it even more? You can use YubiKey two-factor authentication to protect your data easily and securely.