DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader

Tips for use and cleaning

Using the reader

Please place your finger flat and straight on the reader with light pressure for one to two seconds. If the finger is held too steeply or at an angle, this can affect the readability, as the entire area cannot be scanned completely. When the silicone surface is touched, the fingerprint scanner lights up red once. The essential part of the fingerprint is located in the rear third of the front finger phalanx. To be able to capture this area optimally, place the finger further forward (towards the cable) rather than too far back. The fingertip should be flush with the black edge of the reader at the front. To be able to scan the thumb well, it is recommended to place the reader on the edge of the table. The function of the reader can be limited during strong light incidence, since it is an optical device. Similar to a camera, overexposure may not produce an optimal image. 

The Pre-Scan Pad 

The Pre-Scan Pad can help you with fingerprints that are difficult to read. Please rub your finger over the pad several times with light pressure until it shines slightly. This reflects the light in the reader better and the fingerprint is captured with greater contrast. This is especially useful for dry fingers. If you do not have a Pre-Scan Pad at hand, rubbing your finger against your forehead can have a similar effect. 


Please do not use any cleaning agents to clean the reader, as these will damage the silicone surface. A commercially available adhesive film is recommended. The adhesive strips make it easy to remove contamination and also to thoroughly clean the edges of the reader. 

The most important tips for you or your employees to print out: