We can help your business address all authentication challenges

In addition to a carefully selected portfolio of hardware and software solutions, MTRIX can offer you a large range of services, including consulting, workshops (on-site or remote) and support in project planning and project implementation.


Support in the selection process

Together with you we can analyze which solution is the best match for your specific needs. Usually we can find a manufacturer-independent solution from our product portfolio, because we have tuned it for synergistic effects, and it is always aligned to market needs and is supplemented as necessary.

Overview of our services:

  • Analyze your IT infrastructure
  • Analyze your authentication requirements
  • Work out and present the best solution strategy
Unsere It Services

IT services

For all authentication solutions in our portfolio, we can offer you a customized performance package – with phone/remote support or on-site support at your facilities.

The following services might be part of your performance package:

  • Plan the rollout strategy
  • Install server and clients
  • Configure guidelines and settings
  • Configure the various authenticators
  • Train administrators
unsere Workshops

MTRIX consulting & workshops

Take advantage of our many years of expertise! Our technical specialists are available to advise you on all authentication issues – independent of our portfolio.

The following content may be part of your workshop:

  • Information/overview of different technologies for multi-factor authentication or single sign-on
  • Evaluate different authenticators
  • Derive authentication methodologies, roles and the rights of users and groups according to protection needs
  • Plan a rollout strategy
  • Many other topics based on your needs

MTRIX support

We can offer you extensive support services from a single source.

Overview of our services:

  • First-class German language support by phone, e-mail and remotely by a dedicated employee who is familiar with your company, your environment and your specific implementation
  • Free support by phone, e-mail and remote support for installing updates and patches, including instruction in new functions
  • Coordination of all tickets for the producers of the software and hardware solutions you use (also between producers)
  • Quarterly check-up of your authentication solution together with your administrators. We can check your system for unusual behavior, obvious configuration errors, anomalies and backup consistency
  • Support in submitting feature requests to producers