MTRIX celebrates 10-year company anniversary

MTRIX GmbH, the leading specialist for authentication solutions in Germany, is celebrating a special anniversary this year. On April 8, partners and long-time contacts who have worked with the company over the years traveled to Lüneburg to clink glasses with CEO Malte Kahrs and the company’s workforce.

The reason for celebration, along with 10 years of company existence, was its successful business growth. “In the past business year, we achieved sales of more than 1.6 million euros, and our employee workforce nearly doubled,” says Malte Kahrs. And the success story continues: In the current business year, the company has already posted sales growth of more than 50 percent compared to the prior year.

Initially, MTRIX specialized in biometric authentication, and it equipped approx. 140 savings banks with hardware and software, for instance. “Due to growing demand from customers, we systematically expanded our know-how to include other authentication methods as well,” says Kahrs. In recent years, MTRIX has continually expanded its line-up of products and services, adding powerful and innovative authentication solutions. In personal and individualized consulting, it has also ensured that customers get hardware and software that is optimally tuned for their business processes.


“The market for strong authentication has enormous growth potential, and the need for it is increasingly gaining the attention of businesses in the sector,” explains Kahrs. Kahrs continues: “It is especially important to us to be right out in front when it comes to new market developments. We are actively participating in discussions about technologies that are very relevant to the future, such as U2F and UAF. These are two new authentication standards of the FIDO Alliance that enable users to protect their accounts securely, quickly and simply worldwide.” “This also allows us to assure that we can always fulfill the high expectations of our customers for technologies that will remain viable in the future and are the best possible solutions on the market.”

Lüneburg’s mayor, Eduard Kolle, was one of the guests at the company’s anniversary festivities, and he offered his best wishes on behalf of the Hanseatic city. “It is a joy for us to see how this company has grown from its regional roots to become such an internationally active and future-oriented business,” says Kolle. “I already look forward to the next anniversary and am excited about the further positive developments of MTRIX here in Lüneburg.”